Telemental Health / Telepsychology


Telemental Health and Telepsychology refer to the provision of mental health and psychology services through interactive technologies such as video conferencing. Sometimes such services are referred to as Telehealth.

Here at Counseling & Psychology Services of LaGrange, Inc., we offer telehealth services through the Zoom for Healthcare video conferencing platform, which protects our clients' privacy and complies with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Informed Consent for Telemental Health

Before clients participate in telemental health sessions, we review relevant information, answer any questions, and get their permission to proceed in a process known as informed consent. To streamline this process for our clients, we are posting our Informed Consent forms below as PDF files that can be downloaded and printed.

Telehealth Guidelines for Clients


Telehealth Tips:

Choose a well-lit area for your telehealth sessions. We need to be able to see you! Avoid having windows or bright lights behind you. 

Choose a location where loud noises and other distractions (television, music, etc.) will be minimized. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking.

Choose a private, confidential space for telehealth sessions. Make sure that nobody else can hear your sessions. This is especially important for group telehealth sessions because it is your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of everybody in the group. Headphones or earbuds may help to protect privacy.

Wear appropriate clothing. (Sorry, that means no pajamas!) You should dress the same as you would if you were coming into the clinic.

Shut down all other apps on your device to ensure the best possible connection. Use the latest version of your web browsing software (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

Your device will need a webcam and microphone. Position your webcam so that it shows your entire face. Maintain eye contact during sessions.

Use a high-speed internet connection (on a computer, tablet, or phone). Make sure you won’t get surprise charges for data usage!